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On the Map

I have really enjoyed listening to the BBC Radio 4 series “On the Map” a series on mapping presented by Mike Parker a self-confessed OS Map fan, and author of Map Addict a recommended read. Now Mike is very much a OS paper maps man, so in today’s programme I attempt to defend digital mapping […]

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Now why was that so difficult ?

Yesterday the Prime Minister announced that many of the data products produced by Ordnance Survey are too be made “open data” free for download and use by both indivuduals and commerical organsiations in the UK. Our data has been freed ? Well of course we will still have to see the details but this is […]

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DataSF : A example for UK Local Authorities to follow ?

While UK Local Authorities still struggle to provide public access to their geospatial data because of the bizarre OS rules on derived data, the residents of San Francisco have much rich data at their disposal. Following on from the federal portal launched earier this year, DataSF – DataSF is a local version providing access to […]

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iPhone OS 3.0 loves location.

As Brady from O’Reilly pointed out early this week, the new iPhone 3.0 software and new iPhone 3G S have some major improvements that will further accelerate the development of exciting new location aware applications. The iPhone now joins the two Android powered HTC phones in having a high quality networked assisted GPS, a digital […]

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OS faces large scale competition

It was always going to happen, in fact there have been many rumours over the years of similar projects, but today the UKMap website has gone live announcing the first serious competition for Ordnance Survey large scale data. It is still early days for UKMap, which although in many ways similar to OS Mastermap is […]