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OS Strategy Event video

For those of you like myself, not invited to the OS New Strategy Event, the OS have posted a video summary on YouTube. That in itself is progress of course ..

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Yeah. Though they don’t include the two questions I asked – (1) will OS release its internal study that justified its “new” strategy; (2) is the derived data issue solved, or at least clarified?

Still, I’ve FOI’d the study. Apparently the derived data issue is down to you, or your employers, and the use of the word “perpetual”. They’re querying what timespan that represents.


Yes saw the FOI request and will await Tony’s reply with interest..

Perpetual in a practical sense means as long as a mash-up exists, but I can see the problem if you can only license data from the OS 12 months at a time..

Still I continue to argue that in most cases the OS has no moral right to a third parties data, their definition of derived data is too broad.


They certainly have an effective sound-biting department. Although I notice in answer to the question about privatisation, his sentences were prefixed with a lot of “I think”. Not exactly ruling it out is he?

I see the Ordnance Survey’s propaganda department is alive and kicking.

Its also worth noting that Steven Feldman, who appears tagged as an “independent consultant”, actually consults for the Ordnance Survey. So what he has to say (generally positive) is not all that independent.

I presume the makers of this video, not Steven, are responsible for that label. Could one describe that as misleading? Bending the truth, perhaps?


Strongish stuff

I think propaganda dept is a bit of an unfair description for the publicity team at OS. Would you use propaganda to describe publicity from any organisation? or is it only the ones you don’t like?

In the world in which I have worked for quite a while “independent consultant” is a euphemism for self employed. I have been open about the work I am doing for OS, as have they. I think you are trying too hard to find some grand misdirection here.

You will have to judge whether what I say on behalf of and about OS is independent. i do not think it is impossible to work for an organisation (in my case a few days per month) and hold different views to the organisation. if the gap gets too great they and I each have the option to end the relationship.

I believe that there is significant change going on at the OS at the moment and I sense that many within the organisation relish the opportunity. I hope that I can contribute to that change for the benefit of OS and the wider community. I speak openly about the OS and do not try to avoid or disguise their failings, however sometimes quiet and constructive criticism is more effective in bringing about change.

It’s time to move on in the discussion about business models etc and see what we can achieve with the model that government has settled on. Judge OS (and me if you wish) on the outcomes over the next year.


Would you say Steven is more independent of the OS than Ed is of Google? I doubt Ed is going to criticise anything geospatial Google does as it’s probably Ed that made it happen!

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