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I must commend the Ordnance Survey for publishing their new strategy as a wordpress blog, along the lines of the Power of Information final report, this is really a very good idea.

It’s a pity it’s not working at the moment, hope the error message is not a bad sign..I’m sure this is a server issue rather than second thoughts about the blog format.

OS Strategy error

Anyway it terms of high level content, it’s the expected classic civil service compromise, no free data but the promise of improved licensing and an innovation programme. An expanded OpenSpace, still restricted in terms of full-commercial use, although hopefully changes will allow more mash-ups .

Why the OS could have not have made these changes this three or more years ago would be a fair question to ask.

The new more commercial Ordnance Survey entity will I’m sure prove to be controversial for many as it will be competing with existing commercial partners on a “level playing field” while at the same time branded as Ordnance Survey.

Lets hope this is the first sign of a more open Ordnance Survey, ready to listen more to the community that has little choice but to use it.

Written and submitted from the Nottingham University, Nottingham using my three UMTS modem.

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The site was down for about 20-30 minutes on publication day: a problem at the hosting company, which took out all (?) their VPS accounts. Nothing more sinister than that, I can assure you. 😉

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