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Latitude finds lost purse.. world a slightly better place !

  OK to us Brits it’s a handbag, but this techcruch story is a interesting one both highlighting a technology story and a how old media deals with a technology story story ! A lady in silicon valley loses her bag, but because in it there is a phone which is running Latitude, it is […]

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#Geomob just keeps growing

On Friday evening, I went along to the latest meeting of Geomob the developer community event created by Christopher Osborne focused on developments in what used to be called Location Based Services, but which now more sensibly people recognise as mobile applications of GEO technologies. The key difference from the old days (2 years ago […]

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mashup* – Being Location Aware Event

I am going to be speaking at the  mashup* – Being-Location-Aware Event in London on the 19th March, an event which I hope will really capture the current excitement around using  location in both mobile and desktop applications. After many false starts, your location is finally easily available to application developers allowing them to create a […]

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The Location driver..

I have made the point a few times that for Geospatial services to belcome really mainstream, the ability to determine a users/devices location needs to be a standard function. The two latest mobile phone “operating systems” the iphone’s version of  MacOS and Android already have this, and we are seeing more and more location aware […]

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Wikitude : Practical Augmented Reality

Earlier this week I was talking to a group of travel journalists and demonstrated wikitude, one of the hottest applications available for the new Android powered G-1 phone. Wikitude uses the GPS, Digital Compass and camera on the G-1 to deliver one of the first really practical augmented reality applications, excellent for travel and tourism […]