iPhone – chipping away at the walls…

A very good article by Jo Best at silicon.com, on how the balance of power is shifting between network operators and mobile phone manufactures following the announcement of the iPhone.  Pixels Fic-Neo1973A small shift perhaps and we could be replacing one walled garden with another ? I amongst others are hopeful that we seen some momentum behind the OpenMoko Open Source phone project, which is coming soon !!

Written and submitted from the garden at home ( 16°C !!) , using my home 802.11 network.

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  1. Jeff,

    Yes for the early adopters it will be an expensive gadget to buy, and potentially run, although we don’t know the calling/data plan details yet. Saying that the iPod was also a very expensive when it was new anybody remember paying $400 for the 5GB model in 2001 ?

    I will no doubt end up paying around $500 for a Nokia N95 soon 🙁

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