3 Replies to “How LBS should work…”

  1. It’s nice, although I’m not really convinced that it’s as ground breaking as they make out.

    But the potential for mobile devices to “assist” users based on time and location is clearly powerful and will hopefully make life easier.

    I suspect that I’m not alone in sending a text or phoning home once I’m on the train. Would it not be so much better if the phone, based on time and location automatically picked the numbers that I use from that location at that time, or taking it once step further just making the call for me…

  2. “At 9pm you would turn your phone on again and Google would know you wanted bars near the restaurant. At 11pm Google again predicts you need a list of local taxi firms. ”

    This sounds like a very dull night out. It also omits to indicate that at 11.30pm Google would fail to predict the abuse that would be received for asking a cabbie to go ‘sarf of the river’.

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