GPS Mobile Nokia N95

The flashing blue dot comes to the N95

Some of the guys in the London office have been working on the Symbian native version of Google Maps for Mobile over the past months and yesterday like expectant parents launched their baby to the world, so finally you can make use of your GPS powered N95 with Google Maps !! This is a really […]

LBS Mobile Nokia N95 opensource Vodafone

Nokia attacks iPhone or somebody else ?

One of the major memes of the Blogosphere of the moment is the backlash against Apple for making the iPhone and closed platform tied to specific network operators, and for then breaking the hacks with a firmware update that had allowed a very small group of users to add new applications to their now “simfree” […]

Nokia N95 Technology

Stephen Fry and the iphone

I can now count the days until I get my sticky hands on a iphone, get ready to find out my new phone number in November as I and many others transfer to 02 – the only carrier I have not used so far in the UK funny enough. Despite the fact that it is […]

Mobile Nokia N95 Thoughts Vodafone

Are Vodafone trying to hide a data billing issue ?

In the effort to find lower cost wireless data access I like I’m sure many others signed up to the new Vodafone “Mobile Internet” tariff for data access on my N95. This offers be 120Mb of data per month for £7.50 or $15.00 – not brilliant value but OK ! So imagine my surprise when […]

Google Earth Nokia N95 Technology

Put your pictures on the planet..

After the buzz has died down about the new sky feature in Earth, I personally think one of the most useful new features is the ability to place images in the landscape, matching the perspective of the location from which they where taken. The new photooverlay element in KML 2.2 is used to great effect […]