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GeoWeb Conference call for papers

I have not attended the GeoWeb Conference for the past few years, but the annual international conference in Vancouver has been a highlight event in the years I was able make it. The conference represents an interesting middle ground between the very much industry dominated conference of  Where 2.0 and Location Business Summit and academic conferences where the  focus is […]

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Being Digital means being interactive.

Next week I will be joining a panel on the “value” of Location at Being-Digital ’09 at Centre Point in London.  The topic of course is an interesting one, but for me the event format is perhaps more notable. Being-Digital is a “conference without PowerPoint’s”, instead there are round-tables of industry experts discussing hot topics […]

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A different perspective of London

I gave a presentation at the Digital Cities Seminar yesterday and was fascinated by some of the maps Sir Terry Farrell showed as part of his presentation which will be featured in his new book Shaping London. It is always refreshing to look at how people other than cartographers choose to represent geospatial information, the image below taken from Terry’s presentation show the […]

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The Geoweb and Digital Mapping Conference 2009

Looks like the first conference of next year for me will be a new one, The Geoweb and Digital Mapping Conference 2009 is a new conference for Europe along the lines of Where 2.0 or Location Intelligence, to be held in London, 13-14 January. It’s great to see a conference like this in Europe, as much innovation […]