AGI conference

Being Digital means being interactive.

Next week I will be joining a panel on the “value” of Location at Being-Digital ’09 at Centre Point in London.  The topic of course is an interesting one, but for me the event format is perhaps more notable.

bd-logo-square-mdBeing-Digital is a “conference without PowerPoint’s”, instead there are round-tables of industry experts discussing hot topics and short demos. The focus is much more on debate and discussion; both via traditional questions from the room and via SMS and Twitter feedback (Hashtag is #bde). 

This level of interaction is important and in not uncommon in broader web conferences especially those accross the pond, but it’s less common in the UK.

Hopefully the reinvigorated AGI GeoCommunity conference with its new Geoweb stream, will bring some of this different approach to the world of GI conferences.


Written and submitted from Teddington Swimming pool, using my home 3 UMTS modem.

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