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GeoWeb Conference call for papers

I have not attended the GeoWeb Conference for the past few years, but the annual international conference in Vancouver has been a highlight event in the years I was able make it.

The conference represents an interesting middle ground between the very much industry dominated conference of  Where 2.0 and Location Business Summit and academic conferences where the  focus is on published proceedings.

The GeoWeb 2011 Conference covers the broad area of the convergence of information sharing and geographic technology on the Web and the resulting economic, social and technical impact.

For this years conference I have volunteered to sit on the organising committee and  am leading the stream on Business and Consumer applications, which is inviting  submissions for papers/presentations is the following areas.

  • Information access for investors and smarter investment
  • Crowd-sourced data and its impact on commercial services
  • Standards for information interchange and presentation
  • What everyone else can learn from social media
  • Location sharing and Privacy
  • Smart phones as sensors

Other themes at the event include, Smart Grids and Utilities, Air Traffic Management, Urban Infrastructure and Transportation, Public Safety and Security and Environment and Climate Change.

For details visit the Geoweb CFP page.

Written and submitted from home (51.425N, 0.331W)

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