OK if the AGI can change…

Last year I pretty much gave up on the AGI conference as it did not seem to be representative of the Geographic Industry I could see around me.  However over the past few months my attitude has begun to change, finally I pushed into completely reversing my opinion my this communication.. Yes,this is a Twitter message from AGI conference organisers announcing a stream […]

AGI Thoughts

The Paleotards have spoken..

I was trying to be positive I really was… picture the scene the final session of the AGI conference, had descended into the usual case of introspective soul searching, what is a GI professional ?, why does nobody listen to us ?, these newcomers don’t understand the complexity of what we do, and their data […]

AGI Apple Thoughts

Eyes down for Macworld..

The annual Applegeek fest known as MacWorld is coming up next week, and I’m all ready to play “keynote bingo” crossing off the expected phases as Steve says them. Me I’m prediciting as with everybody else, some sort of sub-notebook device related more to the iphone than a macbook, with a docking station for power, […]

AGI GIS neogeography Thoughts

Calling Neogeographers.. UK Dinosaurs need your help!

OK so just a little tongue in cheek, but the AGI team behind the annual UK GI conference would like input in bringing in the perspective of the “Neo-geographers” in planning next years event. This is a great idea, let’s hope that enough people in the new world of users of GI find such organisations […]

AGI GIS neogeography

AGI 2007 Here come the neogeographers

Just got back from the 2007 AGI conference, which I thought was a massive improvement on previous years events. Steven Feldman and his team at the AGI have done a great job downscaling the event, and taking a new direction as a residential conference for the GI industry to talk to itself. The GI industry […]