Never let Geography get in the way of your political agenda..

We all know maps can be made to lie, but this is ridiculous !!

Seems the influence of Iran on the Middle East is greater than we first thought…

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7 replies on “Never let Geography get in the way of your political agenda..”

Maybe Maybe Egyptian’s protests resemble Iranian’s election protests, But we’re not geographically Egypt’s neighbor !

I’m confused, is the intended implication that Fox is purposefully mislabeling Iraq as Egypt? Or that Fox is careless?

I’m confused what Fox’s agenda would be for doing that. More likely, I just learned a little about Mr. Parson’s political agenda.

@confused, I’m sure in this case it is carelessness!

However as a Brit the political agenda demonstrated to be fair by the broadcasts of both Fox and msnbc is shocking enough to suggest such “mislabelling” could be exploited to make a point.

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