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No my blog has not been hacked, but to help the other Dad’s out there who will come across this problem here are the instructions to set the time on a Brio Watch.

Not heard of them, you don’t have a tweenager then.

My Daughter returned from her hols with her new watch..”Dad can you set it ?”

“Of course..”

20 minutes later.. “OK do you have the instructions”


One hour of fruitless searching on the web later.. the instructions were found, and the problem of a very sensitive “m” button resolved by a sharper pencil, everybody happy again.

To save you the time, here are the instructions.. just keep pushing button “m” even though it seems not to be working !

Breo Watch Instructions (click to enlarge)

Love being a Dad !

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My husband and I purchased a few of the Breo roam watches
as presents. Some of them are also having the problem where the
time resets itself to 12 after wearing it. this is a strange one as
we left my husbands watch on the coffee table all day and the time
was correct, he then wore it for about an hour and it reset itself
to 12. If anyone out there can help I will be eternally

@Anne Chapman – I found this site yesterday when searching
for the same problem with my daughter’s watch. I managed to resolve
it last night so came back to post my response and saw that you’ve
added a post along the same lines, so I hope I can help you! First,
check if the problem is the same. Tap the watch on the side or
knock it lightly on a table; if it resets from a bump it’s the same
thing I had. The problem was the battery was too loose in its
housing so any bump means it loses contact and resets. I fixed it
with a very basic solution. I took the watch apart and then took a
thin strip of paper which I folded in half, and then half again,
etc until I had a firm but small wad. I placed this on top of the
battery housing, held in place with a tiny piece of sticky putty.
Then I carefully reassembled the watch – it was a bit harder to get
the screws done, what with the added thickness, but this has the
effect of pushing down on the battery so it can’t move. I let the
time run on a bit and then tapped and bumped it quite a bit and the
time has stayed on – I tested it again this morning and it hasn’t
reset. The only expense was a few pounds I spent on a screwdriver

Thank you. I just got the Breo watch and this was really bugging me and I thought about sending it back. This simple solution makes sense and I will try today.

@ Alistair Archibald: Thank you for your insightful and helpful comment! My Mother brought myself and my Girlfriend one of these back from holiday (along with herself and husband) and mine, hers and my Step-Dad’s was resetting itself to 12:00am… I’d always look at mine about two minutes after it had reset itself! 12:02am all the time! I’ve since done what you’ve said and their all working fine! (My Girlfriend had never had the problem, so it seems only some of them were a little ‘hit and miss’).

Now living away from my Dad
needed to do it for myself today
wasn’t able to wait till I go home again
but no doubt I’ll have plenty other things for him
to solve by then ! It never ends daughters always
relay on their dads to fix things!

hy, my Breo has quite a few problems, after I set the time proparly it jumps 2 hr and then drops some more hr and then i found out that the date resets itself, what’s the problem, is it the batery, I would realy like to keep my watch, but if it works like that I am not going to be able to use it. Thank you

My daughter had exactly the same problem as Alistair with a loose battery resetting the time back to 12:00. I used his solution and the watch seems to work ok now. Thanks Alistair. Nice one!

Whats the point of having a Date & Month setting, when you can’t look at it without taking the watch off and using a pen/pencil to press the toggle button.

Oh no i’ve gone cross-eyed!

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