Breo Watch Instructions

No my blog has not been hacked, but to help the other Dad’s out there who will come across this problem here are the instructions to set the time on a Brio Watch.

Not heard of them, you don’t have a tweenager then.

My Daughter returned from her hols with her new watch..”Dad can you set it ?”

“Of course..”

20 minutes later.. “OK do you have the instructions”


One hour of fruitless searching on the web later.. the instructions were found, and the problem of a very sensitive “m” button resolved by a sharper pencil, everybody happy again.

To save you the time, here are the instructions.. just keep pushing button “m” even though it seems not to be working !

Breo Watch Instructions (click to enlarge)

Love being a Dad !

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Thank you so much! You have just saved me a great deal of frustration! Thanks for helping the Mums out here too! 🙂

Awesome! I’ve spent the last 20 minutes or so looking for these instructions. Thanks Ed, my wife now thinks I’m a star. It is not only “tweenagers” that have a Breo! Thanks again. 🙂

bought this watch to wear while playin sports, havent been able to wear it as the time keeps going back to 12.00 an hour or so after i set it, can anyone help me with this, regards mark

AAAAH, even after the manual i could not set my watch. Time is running, finally, but i can not set the time correctly. Help! I need!

At last I have set my watch. I also lost the instructions. I did need to use a pin to press the buttons. Many thanks.
P.S. bet the battery runs out tomorrow.

Don’t take this the wrong way Edm but that is probably the most useful post I’ve read from you in a long while.:-) But then I ain’t been looking lately. Actually it didn’t fix my Breo time-setting angst , but it gave me the reassurance that other people were suffering too. In the end the only way I could fix it was to take the watch apart (2 tiny and 4 teenie-weenie screws) and scrape off the excess sealant which was covering the contact under the ‘M’ button. Not for the faint-hearted; older folks will need their reading glasses.

Don’t bother setting the time, it will NOT stick. You’ll have to reset the watch for like 5-10 times a day!.
BREO roam, it’s not a watch, it’s something that makes you scream in anger and frustration, a rubber band from hell.

WaaaaGrhhhh…i’m getting angry when i write about it…..sorry!


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