02 iPhone 3G 13,000 orders per second !!

Got a nice email from Jennifer from O2 this morning, explaining why the iPhone 3G upgrade was such a disaster, the servers broke because…

“Demand for iPhone 3G is staggering. We invested heavily in our website capacity which was tested carefully in advance, but we were experiencing 13,000 orders per second being placed, far beyond our expectations.”

Wow !!! 13,000 orders per second, thats 780,000 per minute or 46 Million per hour. So Apple at that rate would reach it’s annual global sales target in the UK alone in 15 minutes.

This is either outrageous hype, or a mad cover story to hide poor planning and design of the O2 website, or .. well you had better drop everything and join everybody else you know or have ever met in the queue outside your nearest O2 store.

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2 replies on “02 iPhone 3G 13,000 orders per second !!”

They could conceivably get 13,000 requests on the server’s initial page — enough to cramp the server to a halt, Ed. You and I both understand this. For them to say that it was ‘orders’ — which eludes to ‘in processing’ is a bit much though, of course.

But then again — I’ve been watching this unfold, and feel that hype from every angle has been ‘a bit much’ as well. Somewhere in the middle resides a happier truth, yeah?

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