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Augmented Reality mashup* Event

Hot topic of the moment if you have been tracking application development on the iPhone and Android platforms is Augmented Reality (AR), the ability to display annotated views of the world using a smartphones video camera and GPS. The excellent team behind the Mashup* events are holding an event later this month and I would recommend it […]

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Contextual Computing and The Informed Traveller

I’m speaking next week at the Location and Timing Forum who are holding a special meeting on the informed traveller, in other words providing contextual services to travellers. Next week the meeting is at the National Physical Laboratory in Teddington, so I won’t really be needing much in the way of contextual services to get me there […]

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#Geomob just keeps growing

On Friday evening, I went along to the latest meeting of Geomob the developer community event created by Christopher Osborne focused on developments in what used to be called Location Based Services, but which now more sensibly people recognise as mobile applications of GEO technologies. The key difference from the old days (2 years ago […]


iPhone best-selling phone in the US

The Guardian points out that the iPhone has replaced Motorola’s RAZR as the best selling mobile (cell) phone in the US. That’s impressive for an expensive smartphone, but to replace the RAZR !! I can’t beleive people were still buying that pile of Sh*t !, a phone with perhaps the worlds most complex user interface since […]

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As if my Magic… Traffic on your iPhone

This morning we enabled Traffic Maps are part of Google Maps in the UK, and as a result of the magic of cloud based computing, all UK iPhone uses have new functionality to their maps application. It’s worth thinking just how difficult it would have been to do a similar thing only a few years […]