Why you need a iPhone 3G in the UK

iphone 3gActually, I’m not that excited about the GPS, and the speed of UMTS is great but for me the most important part of the new package is the UMTS network itself and its coverage.

In the UK O2 never really invested in a EDGE network as a result, most iPhone users in the UK were limited to basic GPRS networking. The 3G network of O2 is much more extensive, so I expect to be able to get faster wireless access more often.

The combination of both Cloud and BT Openzone wireless access as part of the deal, may also mean that I spend more time on wifi anyway.

And yes of course I will be picking up a new iPhone on 11 July !

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Hey Charlie,

The GPS itself, was an obvious next step, it may well even be part of the 3G chip set the new iphone uses, but GPS in phones on their own are of limited value because of the time taken to get an initial fix. Even A-GPS like that of the iPhone, will still take a minute of so to get a first fix, for many applications that is still too slow.

I find the current location finding technology based on network cells and wifi accurate enough for most of my needs, but I can see it will be useful for navigation..

Also the GPS will be a major drain on the battery.

However that is where the genius of the core location api comes into play, it uses the best technology available to give you a location, so initially you may get a network or wifi derived location which may then be further resolved when the GPS gets a fix. Better still the location of the network/wifi location itself will be improved by the GPS, if it is available.

So I guess I am a very excited by the core location API, less so by the GPS itself.

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