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MapTube – Mind the Gap

Digital Urban and the guys at CASA announce the latest iteration of their brilliant tool to fill the gap between traditional GIS data and Google Maps – MapTube.

There can’t be a better way at the moment to publish results more quickly and easily, this is a key tool in publishing the results of GI Science to the mainstream. It will be interesting to compare this approach to the upcoming ArcGIS 9.3 functionality.

It’s worth thinking carefully how you use this powerful tool, if you have not already, make sure you catch up on the basics of thematic cartography, This was the key textbook in my day !

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Hi Ed. Noticed the MapTube stuff for the first time the other day. The good old BBC have used it to construct a map of how the credit crunch is impacting the UK. Users add data via the BBC web site, and the output is at
I agree – seriously powerful, and when used as the beeb have, it’s a user/community compiled source of statistical information.

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