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Quick and Dirty KML with Mano and Pamela

Mano and Pamela present the first in a series of “hands-on” videos on various aspects of the Google Geo products, this first video is brilliant, a really down to earth discussion of how to create and manilpulate KML in both Google Earth and Google Maps.

Almost everybody will learn something from watching this, from newcomers to the geoweb to the experts out there !

Low production values (note the use of a box for a lectern), but all the better for it !

I’m in Trinidad this week at the Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Conference, more about that later this week.

Written and Submitted from the Hilton Trinidad, using the hotels broadband network.

2 replies on “Quick and Dirty KML with Mano and Pamela”

I suddenly feel smart for having figured-out that copy/paste function on my own. Then again, I’m used to obscure interface stuff, given the state of nearly all geospatial apps out there. (I’m always finding myself with the same thought to myself, ‘You know, they should fix that, or something — make that more user-friendly, or perhaps even, ummm, visible, somehow. Yes, visibility would be nice, I think. Just knowing it’s even there would help.’)

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