Links for 27 Feb 2008

Free Wifi on the bus
First group in Wales are installing wifi on their route between Cardiff and Swansea, something that the Google commuter buses have had for a while in California, really useful and a first in the Uk I think.

Two Mobiles.. then you may be a Terrorist
I don’t know many people who work in tech who don’t have a least two mobile phones (home and work anyone), well Scotland Yard just think that’s suspicious.. Heaven knows what they might think of my laptops encrypted hard drive.

Birmingham fills NLPG hole
For many years the NLPG GB address database, Local Governments competitor to the OS addresspoint database, had a big whole in it called Birmingham, well seems no longer. Is just a shame you can’t license it !!

Oh, and Fake Ed is having a party

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6 replies on “Links for 27 Feb 2008”

Wow the mobile phones thing really is inspired stupidity. Sounds like the sort of campaign that got us into this trouble in the first place. Daily Mail readers will be having a field day.

Yes, NLPG is now “whole” with no “holes”! But you are wrong to say it can’t be licensed. We are running a launch event on 30 April, or you can get information about NLPG from IDeA or Intelligent Addressing.

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