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So farewell N95

Now a full committed disciple of the iPhone, its time to say farewell to the my Nokia N95 which has joined hundreds of others on eBay, there is a depressed market if ever I saw one.. when I last looked there were 1600 phones on the market.

Technically the Nokia device is superior to the iPhone, it has 3.5G network access, a fantastic camera and of course GPS, but the U/I is just so much better and it just works, I’m not seeing the signal strength issues some have reported, but O2 really need to get the EDGE network extended quickly, although the Cloud wifi system in London works really well.

So now all we need is for Apple to update their Maps application to use “My Location”…

Written and submitted from home, using my home 802.11 network.

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Mind you, a second-hand N95, upgraded to v20 firmware (possible if it’s not network-branded etc) looks like an absolute *steal* and works soooo much better (fast cam, fast GPS, 50% more RAM) than the original N95 firmware. Just a shame Nokia took so long getting this upgrade out…..

We’ve all gone Dog & Bone mad! They ain’t phones anymore.
Extensions to the madness of the office, for when you are away from the place. God help us. Watched War of the Worlds on Friday night; still can’t decide if fiction is more scary than fact. Love the FakeBlog. I have been trying to guess if the virtual lover is UK or US; based upon vocab and style. My guess: an OS staffy with issues.

I totally agree to the “My Location” feature. It would make the Google Maps app so much more useful.

Even better: If they opened bluetooth so s/o was able to attach a GPS receiver.. *sigh*

Well, future will tell, probably already in mid-January.

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