Another thing I have in common with Steve Jobs

fake_edparsons.jpegIt seems along with the generous stock deal, G5 jet and impeccable taste, it seems that I too now share with Steve Jobs a Fake blog. I really have no idea who is behind it, other than I pretty sure it’s not Daniel Lyons or Vanessa Lawrence 🙂

Perhaps those paleogeography-tards are trying to get to me !

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Looks like you have an admirer there, Ed. It comes across a little like the modern-day tech-geek equivalent of receiving a mysterious bouquet of flowers. Or something.

Which is slightly eccentric, I think. But then again, the man-crush thing seems to be all the rage these days, so who am I to judge?

The next post would probably be something like that Fake Ed Parsons discovers he has something in common with Fake Steve Jobs, namely that there is a Real Ed Parsons.

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Well, for what it’s worth as I didn’t renew this time around so it no longer points to the Bill Gates fan club (hey, it was fun while it lasted!) and, despite popular belief it never got me the sack.,, quite the contrary I suspect!

Question is.. someone DID renew said domain. but whom? The plot thickens…

What a compliment! You know you’ve tapped into something when parody sites pop up. I suspect if I looked at the firewall logs from Friday there would quite a nice spike for the site at Asbestos Towers.

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