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Just wait till next week, Steve…

Mr Jobs… No not that Steve…

This one..

Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer believes Android is ‘just a press release’, well just wait till the release of the SDK next week Steve, its way more than a press release – I know because I have seen it !

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It doesn’t matter, because he “will f*ing kill google”.
Also symbian isn’t taking it seriously or either is scared to death…

The manic hands. The crazed expression. The fear in the eyes. This man is no fool: he can see the future. Millions upon millions of droids: marching in unison but each with a free thinking mind. The end is nigh Mister. Run to the hills with your mates from aged GIS vendors. Sing their song for courage as you run: “..Google ain’t no GIS. We will survive…”.

By the way, I know a guy who is very close to SB. He works for him as his personal sub-aquatic vessel master. Work it out. Anyway, next time I see my mate, I’ll dig deep and see if SB plays with androids. He’ll know: he’s 100% Apple orientated.

Choosing the right technology partner is always a big deal when advising clients on the way forward. When it comes to publishing location based data, time and again Google Maps wins hands down over Virtual Earth with a stable API. Looking ahead Google Android looks very prommising and has pontentail for publishing location based data on mobile devices. I welcome the entry of a heavy weigth into the mobile market place which I hope will bring some stability. Bottom line for GIS developers such as myself are stable easy to use API, that allows the developer to focus on the application logic rather than messing around with different mobile operating systems etc. In this respect the cost and time to market for producing feature rich mobile applications needs to fall and the interoprabilty between mobile and servers and servers and web applications is slick.

The mobile market place is huge, but can only be expolited to the full if developers embrace the core mobile technolgy. In this respect the battle ground is still open and the battle is not won. Standardisation of a mobile oparting system is desprately needed, maybe Google Android is the answer, manybe not?

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