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So where will you be at 6:02pm GMT this Friday

Me, I will be at the back of the line outside the Regent Street Applestore, in the line for my iPhone hopefully I will do a few lives blogs using my brilliant Three USB broadband modem – which is just great and has replaced by dependence on BT Openzone.

This wireless internet thing seems to have arrived !

Is it just me or has the tech and mainstream press missed the point on Android – It’s an opensource platform for mobiles and as such a potential alternative to the current closed nature of mobile networks and devices..

If you don’t like your current mobile then build your own !!

Written and Submitted from the Google Office, London.

8 replies on “So where will you be at 6:02pm GMT this Friday”

Ah yes.. but do you know how to mute it during a call, still can’t work it out on my N95.

Plus my imaginary girlfriend will be impressed with my sexy iPhone !

The android must be killed. It will take over the world and destroy mankind…blah..blah…blah…
All over the corporate the world, mobile comms CEO’s are sweating buckets. The droid is coming. I love it when a threat like this appears on the horizon and disturbs the status quo.

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