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Sometimes you just need to be found…

Remember in Thunderbirds where John Tracey would always be looking out for people in distress from his satellite Thunderbird 5 ? He never seemed to have to ask people where they were… Something I have been working with the Android team on for the last few months is the Emergency Location Service, a feature on android phones […]

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Cultural differences..

This one very rare tweet from Andy Rubin, lead on the Android Programme at Google in 140 characters perfectly embodies the open and geeky culture at Google. This is of course not always initially a great advantage when building consumer facing products, for my non geeks readers “mkdir android ; cd android ; repo init -u git:// […]

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Augmented Reality mashup* Event

Hot topic of the moment if you have been tracking application development on the iPhone and Android platforms is Augmented Reality (AR), the ability to display annotated views of the world using a smartphones video camera and GPS. The excellent team behind the Mashup* events are holding an event later this month and I would recommend it […]

Android iphone LBS

Contextual Computing and The Informed Traveller

I’m speaking next week at the Location and Timing Forum who are holding a special meeting on the informed traveller, in other words providing contextual services to travellers. Next week the meeting is at the National Physical Laboratory in Teddington, so I won’t really be needing much in the way of contextual services to get me there […]

Android Context based computing Thoughts

Went for a walk, came back with a map

  Early this week to test a new Android application and to walk of the Google Christmas Lunch, I went for an early afternoon walk near the office. The application I was testing was My Maps Editor and Android application to create and edit Google My Maps, and it pretty much worked first time as expected allowing […]