“Not too shabby, is it..”

Apple iphoneI want one on these… but can I really wait a year !! Interesting that one of the main apps chosen by Steve Jobs to demonstrate the Apple phone was Google Maps !!

Wifi, Bluetooth, iPod functionality, and very useful mobile browser based on Safari, and of course a user interface to die for..

Very, Very Cool !!

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Great phone, ashamed about the browser though, hopefully Apple will make Safari more compliant than it’s current incarnation (yuk!) … and did any of the UK Telecos adopt Edge in the the end? We ran the UK Vodafone Edge trail here in Southampton and it seemed more robust than 3G yet they haven’t done anything with it from what I’ve read.

I think Orange has an EDGE network, otherwise it’s back to good old GPRS -still things might change before Q4 🙂

Indeed. Surely one of the most promising features of the iPhone is that it is running OS X, which will trounce competition from the likes of Symbian and Windows Mobile and makes issues with existing Apple software like Safari less significant, as there is a world of Open Source software out there. 4GB – 8GB is a bit limited for storage though, considering photos, music, videos, additional software.

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