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MacWorld Expo – First cool thing…Geophoto

GeophotoA few hours before the keynote and already the PR pieces are flowing, little detail yet but Geophoto from Ovolab looks interesting, a iPhoto related tool for managing your images geographically on a globe.

I still think Apple may thinking along similar lines themselves… remember that in October hackers found references to GPS within the latest release of iPhoto.

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[…] Ed has already posted on Geophoto. But even better is the iPhone, which is cooler than I could have suspected. Completely touch screen, full OS X (more or less), great web integration (great for your online mapping projects)…did I mention multitouch…This is a technology we have been pouncing on every time we have seen it, and while it is cool on a 42″ display it is that much cooler on a 3.5″ display. With Bluetooth capability you should be able to connect to a GPS without too much of a hassle. […]

Unfortunately this is old news in the professional photographers sphere.
For the past 2 years there have been GPS enabled cameras on the market that geo-reference images as they are taken.
What is unique is the intent to bring this to the mass market.
Lets look a stage futher where the camera not only has GPS to locate the origin of the image but a bearing indicating the direction the image was taken at.
It’s not too far off from there to imagine some bright spark generating real-time 3D models from openly avaialable user images to create a real World multi-dimensional model!!!!

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