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Nestoria Interview

Nestoria, a real UK based Web 2.0 success story, have an interview with me on their company blog.

If you are not sure of the business impact of the use of mash-up technology, and the difference the widespread availability of geospatial data and tools is making to new innovative businesses you should look at what Nestoria are doing.

Written and submitted from home, using my home 802.11 network.

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Good interview Ed. A great read and much food for thought. Very illustrative of the dynamic changes outside some of the older ‘walled gardens’ (I think that’s the term in the piece) of the GI business.

Nice article Ed and greetings to the ‘best mapped’ country of the world. Your article made me wonder how much longer people in the lesser mapped countries will have to wait for public access mapping. In many non-Western countries mapping data is still treated as a state secret as it provides unrivalled power and control (e.g. over oil reserves). Or will open source map data eventually shift the power to the people everywhere?


—Submitted at 29°45’47N 19°32’49E via mobile satellite dish, exploring for oil in the Libyan desert. Yes we have internet on the campsite but ironically ran out of water last night. Seems like the web has even overtaken the most basic of primary needs!

Interesting typo here –

“Although the UK is by far the best mapped country in the world, because of the licensing regime Ordnance Survey and the Royal Map operates under……..”

Or do you know something we don’t about the Royal Map?

Good interview Ed. Just want to know if any place open source program for mapping london information for estate agencies. (ex- Nestoria map Census )

Thank you

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