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Nokia’s Blackberry phone

Looks like a blackberry, runs like a blackberry but it’s a Nokia. In the stores next year the E61 has some impressive specs

– Blackberry & ActiveSync Client
– Build in Wi-Fi, as well as UMTS (3G)
– Opera browser

And it’s a phone !

Written and submitted from home, using my home 802.11 network.

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Very interesting! I was wondering when something like this would appear!
Perhaps one step closer to Schuyler Erle’s proposal “Towards a Distributed WMS Cache: A Call to Action” that was presented at the Open Source Geospatial Conference/MapServer User Meeting this past June ( P2P has certainly been vilified by some and the copyright issue would undoubtedly be of concern to commercial resellers of geospatial data. However, the use of grids and networks for purposes such as this is the next logical progression for the open dissemination of geodata – as the wide popularity of Google Maps has demonstrated.

I would like to ask your advice regarding Blackberry phones. Do you know if the electronic CD-Rom version of Ordnance Survey’s landranger maps can be downloaded to Blackberries.
the reason I ask is because I am planning a long distance cycle ride around the coast of Britain and am investigating the feasability of using a Blackberry to navigate the route. Look forward to hearing from you !
Thanks Ed Stevens

Hi Ed,

Good Luck with your ride.. I’m afraid I don’t know of any solution which allows you to load Landranger maps onto Blackberries. Have you looked at what Memory Map or Anquet offer for windows pda’s ?


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