ESRI serious about the Enterprise ?

Like many ESRI shops who build “Enterprise” class applications we at the OS are increasing looking to use linux based servers from now on – and our vendor of choice at the moment is HP who have a nice range of AMD Opteron based Proliant servers. Nothing unusual in this I hear you say, indeed not, it is actually increasingly difficult to source 32bit processor servers in this class – however the problem my system architects are trying to get around at the moment is that ESRI don’t officially support 64bit processors !!

As much as I buy into the whole ArcServices concept and will deploy ArcServer based applications in the future, this seems a little strange?

So ESRI Technical product management if you are listening…

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  1. Just supposing….

    “Dateline xyz-month 2006…

    Today Apple announced the launch of the gPod, the next generation personal navigation system based on the original Apple nano chassis and popular TomTom mapping software.

    This second reincarnation of the nano sports an on board 16 channel GPS receiver (NEMERIX chip set), mini-SD socket capable of supporting up to 5GB of map data and/or ‘traditional’ media including podcasts and conventional MP3s and a 3.5mm stereo audio/FM transmitter jack“

    My Barclaycard is on standby here Ed.. Can’t help thinking yours is too..

    Oh, and why no mobile phone in the above equation? Easy peasy…of late I’ve using an Orange SPV C500 with TomTom 5 and a Bluetooth GPS receiver (works really well) and, you know what?

    The chuffin’ phone always rings just as that nice TomTom lady is about to tell which of the FIVE roundabout exists to take…WITHOUT FAIL!!.

    Maybe what I really need is a mobile phone that is just that – a phone (and nothing else..)

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