Google Earth too detailed for India

Wired News reports that the Indian Government are concerned that Google Earth represents a security risk. Imagery clearly shows key government building in Delhi, Air-Bases etc.. When will government’s realise that the horse has already bolted here.. High Resolution imagery is available to anybody with a network connection, but without some local information or context it really is not that useful – If you have never visited Delhi for example how long would it take you to work our which building was the Prime Minister Office ? – As a potential terrorist is it not easier to just catch a tourist bus or ask a taxi driver ?

Reminds me of one of my favourite screen shots of the past couple of years – See if you can guess what is been hidden on this Washington DC city Web GIS application.

Missing something

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Hmmm.. … looks groovy but in the ‘bangs per buck’ dept seems a tad expensive compared to sub-£250 devices such as the MIO-168. Admittedly devices like the MIO are bit more ‘clunky’ design-wise but still offer similar functions (arguably more?) … think I’ll hang in there for my ‘G-Pod’…

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