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Stephen Fry and the iphone

I can now count the days until I get my sticky hands on a iphone, get ready to find out my new phone number in November as I and many others transfer to 02 – the only carrier I have not used so far in the UK funny enough.

Despite the fact that it is EDGE only, a closed platform and rather expensive I and my wife will be moving. Why because even though technically my Nokia N95 is superior – I still don’t like using it – the S60 user interface sucks and we all put up with out mobiles because we have no choice . Don’t even try to talk to Lisa about her N70 !!

To really appreciate the issue take a look a the first blog post by Stephen Fry. Yes it is the Stephen Fry, one of the great treasures of Britain, and it now appears an excellent technology writer and well as writer, actor, director etc. Stephen claims to have owned most smart phones and like most people have never found one he liked…

Well things are about to change at last !

Written and submitted from The Holiday Inn, Stratford-upon-Avon using a UMTS data connection on my soon to be retired Nokia N95.

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Interesting! Does the iphone support 3G, and does it have inbuilt support for GPS? Oh dear it looks like people are going to start getting lost again if all they have is an iphone, unless they are fortunate to live and move about in WiFi hotspots. Of course they could always pop into an Internet Café, and download a Google map, but that’s not much use if you don’t know where you are! What about connectivity and accessing business gazetters or Google Maps online from an iphone? Will software such as mgmaps run on the iphone? Whilst the iphone may seem cool it’s a lot of money for a fancy phone that can’t run many really useful existing applications such as AF Track, mgmaps etc. I know S60 is not perfect and could do with improvements, but the lack of 3G support for the iphone is a real disadvantage. Does OS X the iphone operating system support threads and true multitasking? I would be interested to know, but I am not going buy one just to find out! Lastly how good are the iphone browser capabilities and does it support .Net applications? At least with my old Nokia out of date in terms of a user interface as it may be, I can run mgmaps, AF Track and Tom-Tom all on the one device and until I can get similar functionality on new phone I am not going to upgrade!

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