Links for 24 April 2008

Milliways: Play the legendary game
Once upon a time, I used to love playing infocoms classic interpretation of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, the brilliant, brings news of the unfinished sequel Milliways, which has been found, and is playable !!

Location aware twitter comes to the iPhone
I just don’t see the point of twitter, but it’s now location aware with the soon to be released Twinkle application, location has the potential to add something to social networking for sure..

A Satnav that avoids Manchester
Ah.. the old sterotypes… Still a Satnav, that plugs into crime data is under development by Honda in Japan, traffic data and weather were the obvious first steps in integrating other GI data onto these devices, soon perhaps we will see the whole range of geodemographics available as we drive around.

Walking Hotspot
Sometime you come across an application that is just cool, like walkinghotspot, an application to turn your 3G wifi phone into a mobile wifi hotspot.

Written and submitted from Vancouver Airport, BC, using its free public 802.11 network


Links for 17 April 2008

Geographic Naming continued
Excellent, thoughtful post by Mikel on the problem of Geographic Naming on Internet Maps, as for Cyprus, like Wokingham in OSM, we still need to do it 🙂

Sea level rise Mash-up
Interesting way to visualise the potential impacts of Sea Level Rise, from an organisation called Global Warming Art, who are themselves an interesting example of the product of the impact of democratising technology on peoples understand of science.

Virgin Media CEO talks b****cks
Neil Berkett, Virgin Meida CEO attacks net neutrality, calling it b****cks. Well b****cks to you and your rubbish service Neil !

Whereyougonnabes first day
If nothing else Peter Batty wins the prize for the neogeograophy service with the longest name, his impressions of the first day of his facebook application as a live service. I could not get it to work in Safari, but they are working on it 🙂

Written and submitted from just north of Nassjo, Sweden from an SJ X2000 train, using it’s onboard 802.11 network.


Links for 5 April 2008

Emerging Mass Market Geo Standards

Andrews Turners excellent presentation to last weeks OGC Technical Committee meeting. Ask yourself, how many of these technologies you knew / could explain, many of these will be important to the GI industry over the next few years.


SokwaneleWith the continued concern over the election held last weekend, the Sokwanle site which has been mapping the election conditions in Zimbabwe, is an important example of our the new tools of the geoweb have allowed new communities of users to map what is important to them. The politicisation of mapping is not new and maps have been used to make political points for as long as there have been maps, but now the process is open to all, not just governments.

Preserved Ukrainian military aircraft at Poltava AB

Aviation geek image, from one of my very favourite Google Earth related site, IMINT & Analysis, informed image interpretation from Sean O’Connor. In this case I just love these cold-war era bombers, once so secret now museum pieces.

Written and submitted from home, using my home 802.11 network.