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Is that a laptop in your bag ?

X-Ray of Powerbook

Peter Cochrane this week in his blog, talks about the potential of technology such as Iris scanning to spend up the process of security checks at airports.

As someone who has passed through Heathrow a couple of times in the last month, what I want to understand is what has gone wrong with the x-ray machines, that laptops now need to be screened outside of their bags. The BAA website is now warning of the potential delays caused by the change.

I know this has been the case in the USA since 9/11, but then the TSA also x-ray your shoes and confiscate plastic toy dinosaurs !!

You would think with the sophistication of modern x-ray machines a few millimetres of nylon bag would not confuse them – or maybe I’m missing something ?

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Apple GIS

What if Microsoft made iPods.. and GIS was designed by Apple ?

Microsoft iPod

I came across a great video last night at the tao of mac blog, what if the Microsoft package design team was responsible for creating the iPod box..

The video (beware wmv format) is funny but contains a really powerful message, how often do we in the geospatial industry over complicate the design of our products and how they are marketed?

I well aware of the argument that GIS tools are designed for professionals, and therefore will be complicated – but complicated does not have to mean poorly designed.

Is there an Apple Computer in the Geospatial Industry ?


Good News for the Apple users of Southampton?

Macworld UK reports that Apple is hiring staff for a new Apple Store to be opened in the West Quay Centre in Southampton – and to think I used to have to plan my annual shopping trip to the Soho Apple Store in New York !!