Good News for the Apple users of Southampton?

Macworld UK reports that Apple is hiring staff for a new Apple Store to be opened in the West Quay Centre in Southampton – and to think I used to have to plan my annual shopping trip to the Soho Apple Store in New York !!

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At last… to date I have (admirably) fought off Saturday afternoon shopping trips with the ‘dearest’ to West Quay…. but hey.. with the recent addition of Maplin store adjacent to West Quay and an Apple store ‘on the radar’ just maybe I’ll be nagging her for us to visit West Quay soon…

..prefer the Apple store in Tigard, Oregon personally. Although West Quay is nearer, there are less trafiic lights to get to Oregon!

I was overjoyed at such an exclusive store coming to the South Coast!!

I have been to the stores in Bluewater, Bullring, and Regent Street, and am glad that I wont have nearly so far to travel to sate my apple diet. Long live Apple Southampton West Quay!

The news that Apple is coming to Southampton is great. Sadly, the west quay mall is a horrible place to put the store, I hate it. It’s badly designed, too busy (maybe Apple would like this) and too difficult to get to. Would much prefer a store in the high street.


Lee, the West Quay is actually designed for safety. Although it might seem a little annoying to have to walk around the centre arena to get to different levels its designed that way to prevent people falling down the stairs during busy times!

And its great news to have an Apple store in Southampton since the nearest is in London! although I can’t imagine it being very big since the large stores in the West Quay has been snapped up by John Lewis, Waitrose and M&S etc…

You do know that Waitrose are moving out of West Quay to the Morrison’s site in Portswood don’t you? This is definite, I was chatting to the staff about it the other day and they’ll be leaving by September. I wonder who might be moving into the Waitrose site just in time for xmas?….
I pissed off about Waitrose moving, I live in the centre of town and do all my shopping there, but if Apple move in there I might just forget about losing Waitrose.


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