Digital Economy Bill, this would funny if it was not so serious..

In a real test of democracy, a widely regarded poor piece of legislation is currently making it’s way through parliament without much scrutiny to make sure it becomes law before the upcoming election. The Digital Economy Bill is wide-ranging and addresses an increasingly important part of the British Economy, yet it’s hard not to get the impression that due process is being sacrificed to meet the needs of some very vocal lobby groups.

Write to your MP if you think its wrong that your connection to the internet could be removed on evidence that would so weak that no criminal case could even be made.

“Alright mush.. we know you were in WH Smiths when someone nicked the packet of smarties.. we going to take your car keys to make sure you never visit the shop again !”

Of course there is also the wider argument, who is actually suffering the music industry or the record business ?

Written and submitted from the Google Offices, London (51.495N, 0.146W)

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