A little perspective needed..

Who is watching who ?

It’s amazing how much copy a Lib-Dem MP on the run up to the general election can generate by calling up the press and mentioning street view in the UK has pictures of the “secretSAS base.

There is actually a serious and rather worrying point behind this nonsense, there seems to be evidence of an increasing number of  innocent photographers being interview by constables or any jobs-worth wearing a day-glow jacket, sighting anti-terrorist legislation which make taking pictures of public buildings a security threat.

This is from the country with the highest concentration of CCTV cameras in the world.

By the way, I won’t tell you whose building is behind the CCTV array (for the congestion charge actually) but if you watch the 1999 James Bond film, “The World is not Enough” you might just get a clue.

Written and submitted from London City Airport (51.503N, 0.049W)

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