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As if my Magic… Traffic on your iPhone

This morning we enabled Traffic Maps are part of Google Maps in the UK, and as a result of the magic of cloud based computing, all UK iPhone uses have new functionality to their maps application.

It’s worth thinking just how difficult it would have been to do a similar thing only a few years ago, now with a more open development architecture on mobile devices and the availability of geospatial infrastructures like Google maps.. it just works magically.

Written for the AGI Conference, Stratford-Upon-Avon using my three 3G Modem.

2 replies on “As if my Magic… Traffic on your iPhone”

Does it also do cycle routes for those of us who just learned to ride a bike (after falling off a few times, of course)?

Seriously though (and veering a little off-topic perhaps) I agreed with your comments at the AGI ‘Big Debate’ today regarding greater access to data. I think a lot of the old-school data providers are too scared about the financial implications of giving away (albeit only for low volume users) their valuable data sets. Maybe they’re forgetting that some of those ‘free-loading’ low-volume users may soon become paying high-volume users and if the users are already familiar with the data they’ll be far more comfortable parting with their cash. Modifying your bike comment: you don’t enter the Tour de France if you’ve not yet learned to ride a bike.

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