AGI Thoughts

The Paleotards have spoken..

I was trying to be positive I really was… picture the scene the final session of the AGI conference, had descended into the usual case of introspective soul searching, what is a GI professional ?, why does nobody listen to us ?, these newcomers don’t understand the complexity of what we do, and their data […]

Google Maps iphone Thoughts

As if my Magic… Traffic on your iPhone

This morning we enabled Traffic Maps are part of Google Maps in the UK, and as a result of the magic of cloud based computing, all UK iPhone uses have new functionality to their maps application. It’s worth thinking just how difficult it would have been to do a similar thing only a few years […]

Google Maps Ordnance Survey

Ordnance Survey and the Google Maps API

If you work in a UK Local Authority, I would be grateful if you could send me (confidentially if you prefer) any communications you may have received recently from the Ordnance Survey in reference to the potential use of the Google Maps API on your website. Thanks ed Written and submitted from the Google Office, […]


You got kidnapped by something that goes on a salad

If like me you love Family Guy, you will love this, and if you don’t find it funny , well it’s an interesting business model ! Written and submitted from the Google Office, London.

Context based computing LBS Thoughts

Context based computing

I’ve been thinking over the last few weeks that at last LBS (Location Based Services) is becoming a real market, what with the release of iPhone 2.0 and the imminent release of the first Android phone with its location platform. It has taken much longer then any of us would have expected, but applications using […]