Cripes : The Labour party must be bad..

Boris on the Bus

.. for Londoners to elect Boris Johnson as their new Mayor. His acceptance speech today was unbelievable, he will be one of the most powerful politicians in the UK as of Monday!!

If he can get elected to this office, maybe anybody can; indeed perhaps there is a new career for some people I used to work with…

Still at least he will bring back the Routemaster Bus!

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Routemaster? I saw that photo and immediately thought of a return to inaccessible public transport. Great for bus anoraks everywhere, but not for wheelchair users or parents with prams/pushchairs.

Why not strip elevators from buildings and return to a “stairs only” policy?

ps. Wheres the “Page down” key on the ibook, and can it be accessed via a single key-press?

Far from mad. Simply mis-understood. In time, we will all grow to understand, love and appreciate Boris.

The worst thing about this is that Boris presumably won’t have the time to present HIGNFY anymore.

Even though I feel it’s never my place to comment on foreign internal politics — from this American’s perspective, while eccentric, he seems to have a good heart. Obviously, something that’s missing in so many politicians’ (and corporate executives and Wall Street goons) these days. The Routemaster issue is interesting, in that it’ll probably aid in London’s tourism market — something that so many overlook. I would hope though that the entire fleet isn’t replaced by Routemasters and instead the ones primarily utilized for more ‘traditional’ purposes as I mention — or integrated back into the fleet in such a manner. One extreme to the next, obviously, never does a problem solve. I’m certain there’s a happy middle in there somewhere amidst all the promises made.

Yay for moving backwards. We could go the whole hog and introduce steam trains while we’re at it, and I could start travelling in the guardsvan again!

Backwards Boris. That’ll do nicely.

What is there not to like about Boris?
Britain is broken. Without London, Britain is a shameful pin prick on the map. Boris will give us some joy at a time when really, there is very litle to be joyous about. He makes me smile.

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