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iPlayer comes to Virgin Media


Good News, the wonderful BBC iPlayer is coming to users of Virgin Media’s cable TV service, let’s hope the flaky infrastructure of Virgin Media can cope with the demand.

This poses an interesting question does it not, on one hand the ISP’s like Virgin Media are upset that applications like the iplayer are hogging broadband capacity, while on the other hand the same content delivered to set top boxes using the same fundamental network is OK.

Maybe Virgin Media is behind Net Neutrality after-all…

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I think that this system is actually using Virgin’s existing VOD (Video on Demand) infrastructure.

This means that Virgin users using the BBC iPlayer via a set top box won’t use internet bandwidth (interconnect bandwidth between Virgin and it’s peers) only internal bandwidth on the virgin network which is better for virgin. I suspect they can probably also stage popular content close to users.

Theres a little technical details at:

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your insight.. I understood that virgin also had constraints on their internal network also which was restricting HD content for example ?

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