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Well toto I don’t think we are in California any more..

So I have lost site of the end of line and its getting cold, this is not how it was in Palo Alto methinks.. still less than a hour to go and I would guess around 2000 people here..Just has a chat with a nice lady from, a happy Google maps api user.Written and submitted from the area around the Regents Street Apple Store using my Three 3G wireless modem.

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Hi Ed, welcome to the iPhone club (soon!). The line in Denver was rather less dark, I imagine less cold and definitely not as long! But I’m still really pleased with mine, it will be worth it … used the live traffic in Google Maps on my iPhone to reroute around a traffic jam in Denver just this morning!

Well, there were 8 staff and 1 customer (me) in the Winchester O2 shop at 8 pm. I know, much less fun and all, but I had my phone in 5 minutes. The staff really didn’t care a bit, that was disappointing …

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