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April first..

Nice posting for yesterday by steve on the opengeodata blog, one day maybe ?

Still think my MapSat news from last year is hard to beat, like all 01/04 gags it could almost be true…

How about a GPS enabled zune, that will tell your location to 5 people within wifi distance of you – comes in a nice shade of brown…

Written and submitted from home, using my home 802.11 network.

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Unrelated to your actual post, but was just wondering what your take was on Yahoo Pipes, and what sort of affect you see it having on existing Apps like Google Maps/Google Earth, data sharing etc.


Hi Nicola,

It’s very cool, and removes the need to be a AJAX/XSL/XSLT wizard to develop simple mashups, but there is still an amount of work needed to process unstructured content, we need more geoRSS feeds and readers out there for example !!


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