Is this the UK’s most expensive wifi hotspot ?

As an “indepepedent” IT executive a much higher awareness of the cost of business becomes part of your life, a point well made by Mike Barrett in his new blog. So today I’m at the Stoneleigh conference centre, south of Coventry in the UK – and the cost of the centres wifi network is enough to make your eyes water !!

Wifi Costs

Yes you read that correctly thats £60 ($120) per day !!

I guess wifi has become the new mini bar as a source of easy money for hotels and conference centres. I really must get my t-mobile data plan sorted out !!

Written and submitted from the Stoneleigh Park conference centre, using its really expensive 802.11 network

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I went down the raod – found a BT OpenZone hot spot and used my account. I figure you condone high prices by paying them, and I couldn’t see what was actually that urgent that I needed to sync things there and then.

I think you are right that hotel and conference centre wi-fi charges are the new mini-bar. But let’s face it, they are playing on the fact that we, the user, can’t be bothered to walk or drive 5 mins to get our wi-fi hit. They profit on our laziness.

Personally I am a supporter of With FON if you let other FON users use your Wifi then you can use all the other FON hotspost for free. A low cost pay connection is available if you can not share your Wifi and this pays for the discounted Wifi routers. They are actively targeting expensive hotspots is coffee shops.

If I go to places like that, I flat out tell the management that they priced them out of my neighborhood and do my business other places. It is very rare that I cannot wait until I get to a café or similar with free wifi within the time that I really need to be online. And I even have an employer who doesn’t care about what I paid.

Same with hotels: It is so important for me that I can access the internet for free, that I actually rather pay more for a room than having to deal with stupid schemes that ruin all of my tabs in Safari, that are just waiting for me to join a wifi.

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