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TBL at 3GSM attacks the walls.

Hope I have not lost you with the acronyms, the translation- Tim Berners-Lee gave in my mind quite an important speech at the 3GSM mobile conference last week.

TBLHe argues that for the innovation needed to really develop the Mobile Web to take place the industry must adopt open standards and turn away from the walled garden approach taken so far. You can’t argue with that !

There also needs to be a different approach to charging for bandwidth, I’m just about to change my mobile operator from vodafone (£7.50 per megabyte!) to three or t-mobile who offer better value data packages.. it’s not about talk minutes any more!
Written and submitted from home, using my home 802.11n network – yes “n” !!.

One reply on “TBL at 3GSM attacks the walls.”

Watching this stuff evolve over the years I’ve reached the conclusion that Telcos are a zillion times smarter than the rest of IT Industry so they’ll hopefully get this right as they have shareholders to keep happy.

I can use my GSM phone just about anywhere in the world (even the US go on board in the end). Yet if I want to play a video clip on my computer there are dozens of proprietary formats many requiring their own CODECS some of which I’ll need to purchase, not to mention the absurd Blue Ray vs HD DVD mess, how many millions of $ has that wasted?

Does this sort of thing inspire consumer confidence? Personally I’d have though it would just push folks towards the pirated content route, not necessarily ‘cos it’s cheaper, but because it’s just plain easier…

But what would I know, I’m just a dumb techie, not a marketing whizz-kid

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