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Do you need a map comrade ?

KGB ManI’m not sure of their real value, but I just love the way Landmark are marketing their scanned Soviet Era Military Mapping, or as their say KGB Maps of Great Britain. .
Great stuff Guys !!

In themselves these maps are not a new discovery but to have them made available in a more accessible digital form is an interesting development. To the “Open” mapping community who are looking for the position of Urban Motorways, Airports and more recent developments missing from the digitised NPE series, this could be a potential source.

Of course the data would need to be re-projected etc., but this is clearly within the capability of the community now – also these maps are a rich source of building footprint data, dated yes, but in themselves an interesting historic view of Britain’s cities.

I have one little issue still in the back of my mind, until a couple of years ago my ex-employers maintained that these Russian maps contained OS copyright material.. “stolen” by Soviet spies I no doubt.. has something happened to their change their minds ?

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