Why LBS Applications Fail

Directions have an interesting article by David Williams, on why LBS has failed to taken off so far identifying the “Seven” deadly sins which cause LBS Applications to fail. The sins to me look like they could be applied to any new mobile application type, so perhaps there is actually nothing special about LBS – […]

GIS Google Maps where 2.0

Neogeography defined

If you want a quick introduction into the new ways of creating and using Geographic Information, that has got such a lot of us excited, you could not go wrong by handing over $7.99 to the guys at O’ for a copy of “An Introduction to Neogeography” by Andrew Turner the guy behind the highearthorbit […]


Lets be having you by GPS

The BBC reports on the antics of some New York Thieves, who stole some GPS receivers thinking they were phones and we caught when the GPS systems “phoned home” and told the cops where they and the thieves were hanging out !! Surely a candidate for a new category of Darwin Awards Written and submitted […]

Google Earth Thoughts

Google Earth developers campout

Where do you find the development team behind the Mac version of Google Earth, the night before the Macworld Expo, Yes they join the line outside to get the best keynote seats the night before. Well they get my respect!! That is real team building.. Well done Rose !! Written and submitted from home, using […]

GIS web 2.0

Mash-up lessons for e-Government

I was asked to speak yesterday at the e-Government National Awards Conference at the Savoy, in London – very nice gig btw!!! I was presenting on the potential impact of web 2.0 approaches and the development of mash-up applications to future e-Government services. Coincidently a perfect example of what I was suggesting as a future […]