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The challenge to deliver Location based services

Last week I spent a couple of days with Reuters, as part of their excellent Innovation Programme looking at the potential for new products and services in the next 5-10 years. It is vital for information businesses such as Reuters to do this, as it is for any knowledge business, as the barriers to entry […]

GIS web 2.0

Nestoria Interview

Nestoria, a real UK based Web 2.0 success story, have an interview with me on their company blog. If you are not sure of the business impact of the use of mash-up technology, and the difference the widespread availability of geospatial data and tools is making to new innovative businesses you should look at what […]


“Not too shabby, is it..”

I want one on these… but can I really wait a year !! Interesting that one of the main apps chosen by Steve Jobs to demonstrate the Apple phone was Google Maps !! Wifi, Bluetooth, iPod functionality, and very useful mobile browser based on Safari, and of course a user interface to die for.. Very, […]

Apple GPS

MacWorld Expo – First cool thing…Geophoto

A few hours before the keynote and already the PR pieces are flowing, little detail yet but Geophoto from Ovolab looks interesting, a iPhoto related tool for managing your images geographically on a globe. I still think Apple may thinking along similar lines themselves… remember that in October hackers found references to GPS within the […]


Pass it on..

My Christmas read this year was Richard Dawkins latest, “The God Delusion“, so it seemed appropriate that I received a blog meme from Mikel last week. Dawkins introduced the term meme to describe a element of cultural information transferred between communities, the social networking version of a gene, I guess, in the blogosphere the term […]