Peter Cochrane’s Marmite presentation

Love it or hate it ?Peter Cochrane has posted his thoughts on last weeks CIO forum on his blog, as I blogged last week I think what Peter had to say was really important, and if you work in IT or are a customer of an IT dept ( I guess that is everybody) you really need to read it. Some of his key points that I think are “right on the money”

“Throughout the 70s, 80s and 90s people who knew deep technical stuff (nerds) were derided and discounted. The management attitude was that these people were irrelevant and a pain. Deep tech understanding was not seen as necessary to manage anything. How the world has changed” – and some!! however I don’t think generally the management attitude has moved far enough yet.. and in the UK in particular.

“The biggest universal mistake has been to take the old paper processes and transplant them to the screen, and then create even more paper!” – enough said !!!

“Everything is moving to the edge of networks and organisations – computing power, communication, skills, information and knowledge.” – This combined with a more mobile workforce means that we need to architect much more flexible systems with potentialy location awareness built in…

As Peter admits, his presentation was like Marmite.. you either loved it or hated it.. I guess its clear where I stand..

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