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Location comes to iLife

iphoto GPSSo the mac hackers have been taking apart the latest release of iPhoto and have found details of potential GPS integration and closer ties with Google Maps.

MacTelChat reports that there are a number of hidden references in the package which suggest that photos may in the near future be organised by location and mapped using the google maps api.

The ability to extract GPS information available from a photo’s EXIF data is not new, and geo-tagging of photos has been made very popular by Flickr, but the intergration with google maps rather than mapquest as used in the past in the MacOS X addressbook is of greater interest ?

Then again the blogosphere loves to speculate about Apples future plans…

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[…] So everyone is aflutter about the Google Maps/iPhoto integration recently discovered within the iPhoto package. Ed Parsons discusses it, as does OgleEarth, and MactelChat. There’s even a MAKE entry that points to a YouTube how-to video. Oh, and the obligatory Digg entry. Let me spare you the trouble of visiting this last one: […]

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